Posted on 11.19.13 at 2:53 pm


Christen Cappello, AKA Club Girls is a living contradiction and it’s fucking enticing.  She’s adorable and energetic- I like to say her look is 90s pretty girl, but with a hidden edge that’s razor sharp.  Think Eliza Dushku in ‘Bring It On’, except that Cappello isn’t joining any clubs.  Instead she’s creating her own, and her explosive stage presence and unstoppable dance moves are making it a desirable place to be.  She’s serving all of that and more in the video for her new single, The A.M.H.  It’s the intensity of pre-breakdown Britney with the otherworldliness of Björk, wrapped into an intense contrast of melodious pop and uncomfortable dissonance.  To top it off Cappello is reppin’ Bushwick’s industrial chicness in the video, which has it’s own icky-chic thing going on.  This girl is sure to dance her way to the top, and make tons of friends along the way.


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