Posted on 11.25.13 at 3:23 pm

At the end of this past summer X priest X came buzzing out of sunny Florida with the track Samurai. What was great about the song is it managed to utilize the shallow sounding production of 80s electroclash to create a pop track with depth.  The production sounds like synths funneled through a styrofoam cup, with a tiny lady dancing and singing at the bottom.

 Contrast that production with the huge pop melodies; emotional and evocative they sneak up on you, earworms nesting in your brain, available for when you struggle to find the words for your own personal samurai.

While the debut was exciting, it’s what happens next that defines a rising artist.  The newest track from X priest X is going in the right direction- it’s sound more profound (some production budgeting since the last track?), but the quality that’s so alluring about Samurai is still present.  A sort of funnelled sound; this isn’t hugely precise Chvrches style synth- it’s muzzled, it’s blurry, and it creates an amazing platform for the melodies to shine while also embodying a trait of vocalist Madeline Priest- her own vulnerability.

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