Posted on 12.19.13 at 3:52 pm

It’s a sexy minimalist soul track that introduces us to SLK (pronounced silk).  Hailing from E. London’s pocket of delicacies in music, the track is a well produced R&B/Soul track with an incredible slowed down beat and rhythm.

 It’s sexy in the way that taking your time can be- slowly and indulgently the production gives in to its inclinations, featuring all the right nuances just long enough, forcing the listener to indulge as well.  It’s a contrast to our consumer culture- don’t just eat it, taste it.  Allow for the for the delicate processing of each different flavor- its escapism and release.  As the production transports you, let SLK’s sultry and emotive voice take you even further.

With this debut track SLK teases a four song EP that will see release in the middle of 2014, so keep your ears peeled.


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