Posted on 01.13.14 at 6:22 pm

Listen to this playlist in the privacy of your plastic home, in the cold, dead arms of your plastic boyfriend.  Stroke your straw hair as you gaze into the productive innovation, lyrical stimulation, and star power of these tracks.  Rearrange your useless furniture, sit your ass down on your uncomfortable sofa.  Let the sound waves bounce off the shiny corners of your tiny mansion and trickle into the empty crevices of your ears.

No, but really, this should give you the spark of life you need to strive toward your endless list of personal improvements that inevitably follow the repurposing of our calendars.  You can expect to find a fantastic combination of new and established artists on this week’s digest.  Opening with Kwabs new track (fucking gold), St. Vincent shares another morsel from her anticipated self-titled album (due out February 25th), and Chvrches covers Janelle Monáe’s Tight Rope in a totally tormented synthetic manner (although Lauren’s voice should be worshipping at the altar of autotune…).  The Ophelia slinks over classified 80s tack and R&B sex on her track Falling In (a fantastic iteration of past and present), paving the way for the next three tracks, all artists who are new to Kaiotic Music, including personal favorite Chilean Pop artist Maria Magdalena, Mr.s D‘s amazing western/bond style sultry track and pop rock from Yumi Zouma and Xul Zolar.

The playlist has two remixes at the end as a little kicker to get your ass in gear.  Enjoy,


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  1. Dave says:

    Hello, first time commenter here! I like your blog, but is it possible put put your soundcloud/spotify/music steams _before_ the break? Its quite annoying to have to load a new page for each update you post to listen to one track. It would be quite nifty to be able to load your front page and click play on the post you adgab about!

    Like your blog so far!


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