Posted on 01.14.14 at 3:17 pm

Enigmatic New Jersey Pop outfit Blood Cultures is giving me the perfect amount of 80s synth pop and ’10s dream pop- literally living.  Unfortunately I feel like this rainy and cold season is completely inappropriate.  I should be listening to this at a pool party for people who are too cool to dance, or maybe on a rooftop at night where uninhibition rules.  The latest track they’ve shared, Mercury Child, is an exploration into release and indulgence, a foregoing of over speculation for an emphasis on absorbing life.  Previously released Indian Summer is another near perfect electro-dream pop track.  It’s Washed Out meets Panama City meets MillionYoung meets everything pop outfits want to be now a days (often to no avail).  Don’t sleep on these, it’s totally worth a listen.  Or twenty.

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