Posted on 02.13.14 at 3:29 pm

Boots is the man behind the stilettos on Beyoncé’s irresistible, innovative, career-shifting and now ubiquitous self-titled fifth studio album.  He has writing and producing credits for Haunted, Heaven, and Blue as well as a writing credit on Jealous.  Being a part of such a huge and well curated project, a high point in the career of one of the already most successful women of our time, and sharing writing and production credits with the likes of Timbaland and Justin Timberlake is in itself a huge accomplishment for a newcomer (PS he signed to Roc Nation in June).  What’s even more intriguing about Boots is that the tracks he was involved with are some of the most abstract, innovative and insightful on the album, Haunted and Jealous being two of the most original to come from Beyoncé in a while.  This elusive and business minded talent has already crafted some of the most accessibly innovative tracks in the pop canon and yet remains largely unknown.  It seems as though Boots has plans to change that though as he has released his second solo track in a year.  It’s pretty much as fantastic as you’d expect, given his credentials.  Dust is a savory and indulgent slow weave through heavy and sparse bass, underlying at time abstract melodies that then morph into top notch pop vocal lines traversing sick drum & bass, with glimpses of detroit house influenced production.  At times like as if SBTRKT produced James Blake with the voice of a 90s pop rock band.  Check it out.  Become a fan.

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