Posted on 02.13.14 at 4:35 pm

Elusive (is this synonymous now with “ungoogleable” or” lazy blogger”?) is a term I would initially use to describe Sofia Reta.  But in spite of sparse direct and quotable information, a more appropriate word would be prolific.  Sofia Reta, then, becomes not just another guy in a bedroom recording shit on his laptop (not that this doesn’t produce gems, and in fact could be Sofia Reta)- instead this is a collective, and it’s breadth is much wider than only music.  With several releases under the belt, including two 17-track albums, Sofia Reta also dabbles in art, advertising, design, and functionality.  It’s strange, and abstract, but heavily influenced by a popular culture this entity observes as an outsider processing information differently.  These characteristics are also present in the music, which dabbles in pop sounds but spooking the convention out of it in the meantime.  Think stylish drum machines, exotic string instruments, wailing men, all in a pictureplanes esque compressor.  It’s fucking interesting.  And if, as it was for me, this cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams is what it takes to get you in, so be it.  Just promise me you’ll dig deeper. If you’re interested in reading about the Sofia Reta Manifesto, click here.   Also, check out their website for links to their albums streaming on bandcamp as well as a mind boggling amount of thoughtful post-expressionist mumbo jumbo (aka TRUTH), and exciting imagery (one of my favorites of which I included above).

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