Posted on 02.18.14 at 1:44 pm

Buzzworthy band Young & Sick (fashion, illustration, and music project) is combining a rock band vocalist with chops and charisma and some of the most insanely incredible synthesizer and production ever.  It’s so exciting to listen to -the arpeggio glitching and glittering behind lead vocalist Nick is the money and the selling point for me personally, and when I saw this song performed live, the synth player was giving me LIFE.  I was a little uncomfortable about Nick himself (PS his last name is an elusive find on the internet, but this is HIS *nick’s* project- a little god complexy, no?).  His appearance was Beetle Juice meets Jared Leto & his style slightly narcissistic and overly confident, but I was so enthralled in the harmonies, synths & production that I closed my eyes to remove the disarmingly unattractive visual component of the performance and indulge in the fantastic music. It’s no surprise that vocalist and mastermind Nick would create something this good.  It’s a thoughtful and modern take on R&B and Soul in this electronically saturated musical climate.  His sensual and old school singing style is mostly successful, too.  It’s also no surprise that he is this confident (it’s part of the sale of the music itself), given his extensive success as an illustrator for album art, fashion houses, and brands (his illustrations are phenomenal).  It’s the kind of runs like at minute 2:04 that turn me off.  It’s part of this trend where any white person interested in doing R&B & Soul influenced music thinks breaking down the riffs is enough.  But soul and runs are not something that translate well as overly prepared.  Inherently in the genre’s name is Soul, and this kind of singing has to have real soul to it.  I’d argue this is the weakest point in the Young & Sick’s presentation, HOWEVER, the music is fantastic and this first cut from the full-length debut is stellar.  Besides, I’m the only person who seems to have this disaffection towards Nick’s persona, so maybe I’m mistaken or my own perspective is jaded.  I suppose I’ll have to watch and see.

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  1. MixedWild says:

    ‘Beetle Juice meets Jared Leto’ – Nice! Would love to see him live though.

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