Posted on 02.27.14 at 1:30 pm

A K U A   (a-koo-ah) is Montreal based electronic soul artist Akua Carson.  She’s stunning- a beautiful voice, meticulously produced tracks and an awesome sense of style.  Being a part of a pack, and let’s face it, female electronic soul artists are sprouting up like weeds, is never easy.  Standing out from that pack is even more difficult.  But A K U A manages to do just that by incorporating old world style musings in the vocal delivery lineage of India.Arie or Corinne Bailey Rae while gliding over 80s world R&B (think Sade) production- it’s deceitfully and enticingly shallow before filling out into a romantic futurist soul fantasy.  Like swirling rich colors, the sounds A K U A funnels through her debut EP are a sonic experience with visual manifestations.  It jumps out of your speakers as her voice gently corroborates a glowing pattern of light and movement. It’s only fitting then that her video for One’s Company be like visual masturbation for electronic soul lovers.  The video’s aesthetic is darkly humorous, cheeky in its cynical outlook, and delivering some of the best choreography I’ve seen in a video (well, since Haim’s latest).  A K U A’s EP has been out for a minute, and she caught my attention back in the summer of ’13 with her track Monsters, but this video is a very immediate reminder of why we should pay attention to this girl.  And we should.  Just look at that gif.

Check out her EP One’s Company:

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