Posted on 03.11.14 at 3:15 pm

Let’s get a little meta hipster by bypassing SXSW buzz and instead posting about Jenny from the Block’s new single, I Luh Ya PaPi.  Why?  Because it seems as though the Pitbull driven global dance craze domination that On The Floor started may be over, and she may actually be creating relevant Pop music again.  Why is this track relevant?  First of all let’s just get this out of the way- she’s taking her cues from Beyoncé.  The song is full of silly culturally comestible phrases, accents, and melodies like sonic gifs for our brains (I can’t even wait for the video).  The fact that Noel Fisher (aka Detail), who collaborated on Drunk In Love, produced the track was certainly a carefully planned decision, and a fantastic one at that.  The unexpected and sort of anti-instinctive reversed synth arpeggio is exciting and edgy, the beat summer ready (I can just see the fire hydrants of Bushwick spewing water in 100 degree weather as this song blasts), and the hook is probably the most addictive thing you’ve heard all year (from anyone other than B of course).  If it took Beyoncé’s groundbreaking release to force established female artists to reassess their choices, and in effect push top 40 Pop into a more interesting direction, then more power to her, and more power to someone smart enough to take the cue.  So props JLO.  You aren’t THE innovator, but you’re following suit and created something great.


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