Posted on 03.20.14 at 1:38 pm

Kaiotic Music loves Florida bands.  Two in particular.  One of which may be coming to NYC to do a show very, very soon :)  But the other tropical muse is X priest X (what say you we get them up here, too?).  X priest X releases today a new track, Isn’t It So, following two of my favorite things to emerge in 2013- Samurai and Dark Sun.   This is all leading up to the debut EP Samurai, out April 15th on Swedish label Emotion.  Madeline Priest and David Kazyk make up the lo-fi synth pop duo, pairing a textbook indie muse with a sensible and emotive producer-  Madeline is the kind of leading lady 2014 clamors for, bringing to mind Lauren Mayberry (CHVRCHES) and Lindsay Pitts (GEMS).  This new track itself establishes their style further- celestial (and yet purgatorial)  80s pop with a dark edge.  Just like the raw messages slithering around playful and infectious production, Madeline Priest cautiously demonstrates her true emotions, among fuchsia and pink filters.  Confusing, beautiful, catchy, and original, X priest X has stuck with me for many reasons, and if this isn’t the project that catapults these two to a life as career musicians, I’ll be damned.

Keep an eye out for the EP, for a New York live show, and for aural infections.

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