Posted on 03.24.14 at 3:52 pm

Haerts has taken a slight left in their musical stylings with their new track Call My Name.    Their EP Hemiplegia was everyone’s favorite emotional outpour of 2013, and contained some of the strongest hooks in recent pop releases, but it’s surprising and encouraging to see this new track as an omen of their ability to evolve and yet maintain a signature style.  Melding their emotive pop songwriting with dreamier production, the Brooklyn based quartet embarks on 2014 determined to win your ears over again.  Nini Fabi’s vocals strike a chord within a pop lover’s id, harpooning our instinctual responses into a condensed and immersive wash of romance.  As she gently and patiently sings “When the past is gone and the future untold, knowing all love dies and wondering so”, she captures a delicate and grey feeling- the ebb and flow of being close to, and yet so distant from, another person.  Call My Name is feeling intimacy and space simultaneously.  It’s wanting freedom and yet wanting to hear our name called by our lover.  It’s knowing that we may sometimes need to step away from the connections that once flourished. It’s a stunningly delivered and fatally emotional reality that Nini relates to her audience, and a promise of more beautiful pop music to come, the kind that could (and should) reach the ears, and hearts, of a much larger audience.

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