Posted on 03.26.14 at 12:31 pm

Oceaán (Oliver Cean) may be working out of Manchester, and among a hub of innovative electronic soul production, but he still brings his Belgian oddities to the table.  England’s fostering environment makes just the right space for the most interesting new electronic soul & R&B outfits to emerge, and Oceaán is redefining Pop in a way that hasn’t been done since Jai Paul sort of released a debut full length.  Following the releases of Need U and To Lose, the EP doesn’t disappoint.  Instead it proves versatility, dynamism, intrigue, sexuality, and style.  All while maintaining a unique sound and voice, soaring into public recognition.

Get your digital copy or vinyl copy at Rough Trade on March 31st.

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  1. […] Rae Morris is no newcomer to the UK music scene, and it’s incredibly evident through her refined musical stylings and talents.  This track, Do You Even Know Me, is a solid and stunning pop song, accompanied by a thoughtful and fashionable video.  The thing here is that Rae’s style is devoid of scene-isms.  There is no edginess to her style- instead it’s classic and approachable.  The hooks are a bit old school, much like the vintage furniture stop motion spinning in her video, but Rae herself, dressed in a stunning red piece, is evocative and emotional, honest and immersive.  Check out the video below, followed by a remix of the track by Kaiotic favorite Oceaán. […]

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