Posted on 03.26.14 at 12:54 pm

Flyte  is a London based quartet playing with funk and Pop Rock, a la Talking Heads (or a more modern iteration would be Miniature Tigers).  They released their debut EP last September to acclaim and followed with sold out shows, garnering the kinds of accolades that major bands inspired at their beginnings.  Flyte had sparked in The Guardian’s Paul Lester the sense of wonder that is born when something fantastic is discovered, and promises longevity.  The quality of Flyte’s music comes from nuanced and historically informed songwriting, playful and satisfying guitar lines, and a lead singer for the ages.  They’ve returned with a new song and video, We Are The Rain, whose video is a playful 80s green screen game.  It looks both unprofessional and raw, as well as completely stylized and well thought out.  It matches the songs spright and billowing guitars and synths with stop motioned shots and floating nerds, and it matches the enveloping harmonies with digital era tack that is so hilariously bad it’s great.

Check out the track on Soundcloud below.

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