Posted on 04.03.14 at 4:04 pm

Polock everlasting

Based in Valencia, Spain, Polock is currently working towards their second full-length, Rising Up, out on Nacional Records April 15th, and the material we’ve gotten so far is insanely promising.  A Rock band with the perfect amount of 80s electroclash embellishments, Polock is to Spain what Phoenix is to France- a band with longevity poised for global recognition.  The video for their latest single, Everlasting, is a noir film experience, hyper classic american masculinity is in the forefront, while the music harkens back to a rock sound that redefined the male figure- the 70s and 80s in NYC’s gritty downtown scene.  The video is captivating and mysterious.  It’s fashion, it’s West Side Story, it’s stamina against testosterone, and it’s beautifully shot.  Paired with this incredible track, I’d say the US should be on Polock watch.

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