Posted on 04.23.14 at 11:17 am

Wait, Beyoncé has released a new track and the world continues to rotate?  To be fair, it’s actually Beyoncé collaborator Boots‘ first track from his upcoming album, and he has somehow managed to take the spotlight while Bey provides some absolutely ethereal sultry background vocals.  Of course, I’m living for the bridge when she takes the driver’s seat, but honestly, Boots is holding his own here.  And the track itself is fantastic- modern yet completely reverent to R&B’s musical genealogy.  It sweeps into your ears, transitioning from romantic to ASTOUNDING.  At minute 4 and from then on out, what Bey is doing with her voice is literally slaying- the unexpected jump right at 4:00 is the money.   Enjoy this beautiful gift of music, and also, the proceeds are for a good cause.


Also, Boots is just on a role with amazing tracks (this debut is going to be…flawless).

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