Posted on 05.01.14 at 1:23 pm

Basement Jaxx is back with a new track and it’s absolute perfection.  The title Unicorn is perplexing, though…is it because a new track from Basement Jaxx has become as elusive as the fictional creature?  Is it because a House/Dance track this fresh is as volatile as a horse with a horn?  It’s very much in the vein of modern tracks that borrow from 90s dance music (and of course the song that defined a genre, Show Me Love), and on par with modern acts like Disclosure, who follow a similar style signature.   If the new album is anything like Scars, then it will borrow from trends in dance and house while elevating the style and establishing new niches (remember how Scars featured Dev Hynes?).  It also seems like this outfit strikes gold with fantastic animals- be it djing monkeys or vibing unicorns.  Can’t wait for this music video.

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