Posted on 05.07.14 at 1:18 pm

There’s a swedish songstress out there named Seinabo Sey who is blowing our minds with her fantastic songwriting- her first track Younger whet the appetite of pop music lovers all over and got her some significant internet circulation.  Produced by Magnus Lidehäll (who has written and produced for Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Mapei, Sky Ferreira and Kylie Minogue), the song is an absolute gem (read my post on it here).

It’s difficult to decipher what an emerging talent consists of- the song is a clear testament to phenomenal songwriting and top quality production (with an interesting genre-bending edge), and it alludes to a powerful voice as well.  The voice has yet to prove itself though, something that became evident after viewing this video in which Seinabo skips over singing all of the vocally intriguing parts of the song and instead reverts to walking around a stage silently as confetti falls (also the dress makes it look like there are no shoulders and no neck).  This isn’t enough to destroy faith in this rising talent- she can still write a mean song (which is more than many others can say).  She presents us with her next single today entitled Hard Time.  Produced by Magnus once more, and again written by Seinabo, the track is still within a pop/soul framework, with a little No Diggity stylings within the production.  It’s no Younger, but it’s no deal breaker either.  As a performer and vocalist, the jury is still out.  As a songwriter this girl is schooling the others (take note pop divas).   

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