Posted on 05.15.14 at 3:04 pm

Brooklyn duo Kodacrome is bumpin’ boogies on their new track Buggy Bumper, a darkly europop infused single.  Elissa Pociask’s vocals bring to mind Emily Haines while Ryan Casey’s production evokes The Presets, a combination that leads to a hauntingly sensual yet danceable experience.  As a building block atop Koda’s previous releases, Buggy Bumper feels like a step upwards, with a fantastic video to accompany it- the video teaser is an engulfing experience of pop colors contrasted with shadows, water, and dark ooze- much like the song itself.  The evolution of the track that begins at 1:50, stripping the song to a pulsating synth and adding quirky and ravey embellishments, is a money moment that leads perfectly to a necessary and desired climax.  Stellar track.

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