Posted on 05.27.14 at 4:02 pm

Prinze George has already proven itself to be a contender for big time action.  There’s a sound, for sure, that’s shared across many contemporary bands coming out of Brooklyn- Sylvan Esso and Wet come to mind specifically, but there are many things that are unique about Prinze George.  It’s Naomi Almquist’s voice, at times gender bending, and her nuanced interpretation of emotions- sometimes unpolished and raw, at others operatic and well curated.  It’s the poetic, almost old fashioned seduction of words, which like Naomi’s voice vacillates between sophisticated and cotidian.  It’s an electrifying combination and a charming experience.  Now the Brooklyn Pop band release their fourth single, Make Me, amidst a flurry of initial performances and blog buzz.  It’s another gorgeous Pop track, not quite summer hit, not quite ballad.  It’s a track of twisted yet enlightened self awareness, hidden beneath nostalgic naievete.  It’s captivating, and it’s production is a contrast like everything else about Prinze George.  At first glance the sound is hollow- but it’s misleading.  The subtle pulses and quiet waves of background sound suddenly become lush and engulfing.  Props Prinze George, I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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