Posted on 06.03.14 at 12:35 pm

Mental Bend breaks with our geo-musical steretypes.  Montreal & Sweden have established themselves as spearheaders for dreamy and electronic pop, while places like Berlin are clearly heralded for house & techno- but this duo fractures our preconceived notions of what comes out of the city of nightlife.  Instead of raves, this dreampop pair are creating anthemic heartbreak jams, with subtle and delicate nuances.  Take My Hand is front runner for most accessible single, but the second track on the EP, That’s What We Do, is the moment in which their romance becomes inescapable and completely captivating.  The EP as a whole is a well rounded debut, as if the film Melancholia became a dream pop record-  beautiful yet dark, ominous yet floral; an embrace of emotion funneled through restrained instrumentation.

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  1. Mary says:

    LOVE THIS! I can’t stop listening to her smooth sexy voice and the electronic melody/beat has me wanting to get up and move! Her voice reminds me of Kelli Scarr’s vocals on Vivid in the Valley (
    Thanks for sharing the music you love! I look forward to your next offering!

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