Posted on 11.11.13 at 10:18 pm

There’s no denying the way that Solange changed the scenery of R&B (in ways that the galavanting gents of the genre have merely attempted), and the entirely new niche audience she cultivated (unintentionally?) with her sultry and modern NeoSoul EP.

Solange continues to remind us of her individuality and personal talent. She moves away from performance and into curation, skillfully combining the two and forging a community (which is likely to continue nurturing the ill informed audience she is trying to avoid – AKA PBR&B lovers who quake at the right decimal bass and appropriately crooned verses).

While it may be central to Solange’s endeavors, the truth is that the ignorant masses don’t matter; she may deliver an R&Beating through her Soul school for new found fans of the genres, but in the end she’s not just producing something valuable for the educated few, and the scarce discerning ear.

Do I take personal offense to her jab at bloggers who hopped on the gravy train? Only if it implies that she doesn’t recognize the role they played in her success, then and now. Otherwise, good job Solange. You’re a soul artist. And you couldn’t be further from your sister’s shadow. But dare I say, you’re turning into your father?

Standout Tracks: Jaded, Beneath The Tree, Indo, Cash In.

Check out her first collaborative release for her new project and label Saint Heron.

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