Posted on 06.05.14 at 11:46 am

Releasing a track on Neon Gold is already a surefire way to ensure success, as MS MR and their own label have proven with previous endeavours.  The label seems to have a knack for picking talent with a unique sensibility but accessible styles, and Californian duo Cathedrals seem to have just that.  Yesterday saw the release of their third single, Want My Love, and it’s a slow burning, subtly growing track with some serious references.  Vocally and instrumentally there are many moments that shout out late 90s/early 00s R&B; I’m talking R.Kelly, Mary J. Blige, even some P.Diddy with Brodie Jenkins’ voice selling modernized soul, among very contemporary production.  At minute 1:53 the song breaks open for a guitar riff and Brodie’s voice into a moment that could be a Miguel track (or even Mariah’s #beautiful), meanwhile the lyrics say “Baby, please tell me you’re alone.  Cuz I know I’ve got this running deep in my bones“-  It’s so good, so popular R&B in a modern electronic package.  Is Cathedral’s style hack picking just the right style of R&B to appropriate from just long enough ago?  It’s no surprise to see decade old R&B making appearances almost everywhere, but what’s delectable is when someone does it in a new way with quality and style (Johnny Hwin is killing it)- that’s exactly what this track does, and while the previous two were intriguing, this one sells the duo as someone to watch in 2014.

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