Posted on 06.10.14 at 12:42 pm

To put it simply, John Magee, AKA Litl Biird, is a pianist and vocalist emerging from Brooklyn.  To delve deeper, Magee is a poet who carefully merges two worlds- the worlds of the organic and of the intellectual.   Magee emulates the soft and organic nature of our surroundings, as if heard through the ears of synesthesia.  He gently plucks inspiration from the most mundane or simple, which organized by the human brain into a poetic pattern becomes the center of our attention- beauty brought to the forefront.  As a result, hearing Magee’s music is like fine tuning our focus to the particles of sound around us, be it through the organization of the actions and words of man, or the utility of nature’s own symphony.  It doesn’t hurt that Magee has a dynamic and emotive voice, skillfully employed over his simple and touching orchestrations.  Most recently Litl Biird was the standout performer at Poptimism, a show organized by Kaiotic Music and Ponk Records.  You can come check him out, as well as another emerging NYC male vocalist Mattheu (who played at Kaiotic’s first show Tropical Paradiso), at Rock Shop on June 19th.

Check out some of my favorite tracks below.




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