Posted on 06.27.14 at 8:37 pm

Why does no one care about Basement Jaxx anymore?  It could be their origins as electronic dance club juggernauts of the late 90s (and the connotation of that style of music today is wrought with drugs and irresponsibility).  Overall the Jaxx are one of the few electronic music duos who have been dynamic enough to continue creating interesting and danceable tunes, but it could also be the mediocre reception of their last album, Scars, which even so featured some incredible vocalists and was certainly ahead of recent stylistic trends.  Any artist with this kind of longevity will face lulls and peaks, and not everything will have the impact that Where’s Your Head At had in 2001.  This will be their sixth studio album, an astounding feat after peaking commercially with second release Rooty in 2001 and Kish Kash in 2003.  But this is what artists should aspire to following international acclaim- finding a niche and perfecting a sound.  In a perfect world commercial success is not the goal, but instead the vehicle which enables further development and expression.  Scars was a step in that direction, an effort towards independent artistry that seems to be bleeding into this release as well.  Fortunately for us it still has crossover potential what with irresistible beats and a symphony of detailed production.  Their latest two releases, from the forthcoming Junto (August 25th), Unicorn (which reached a mere 115,000 plays on soundcloud) and now Never Say Never are effervescently danceable, perfect club hits with a clever alignment of time constrained elements- there are traces of the 90s music you’d hear at an aerobics studio interspersed with stylistic production chic enough to rival Disclosure or SBTRKT.  Check out the track below.

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