Posted on 07.16.14 at 7:40 pm

The world of female rappers contains a toxic atmosphere- it’s a land full of unknown terrains, treacherous wildlife, and money hungry sharks. This musical sphere presents a shocking contrast to the superfluous praise and chart domination female pop stars have enjoyed as of late. Of course I’d be a fool to say that the women who run the charts have reached that point without some wounds and sacrifices, but there is a comradery among them and a community for them which has been years in the making.

A few weeks ago Nicki Minaj earned the best female hip hop BET award for the fifth year in a row. The award and speech caused a stir in the internet world, eventually pitting Minaj against new comer and chart topper Iggy Azalea. Before Iggy it was Lil Kim throwing shade at Minaj, framing the argument within a monarchic perspective- there’s only room for one ultra successful female rapper, and that baton is always passed and never shared. Few women have managed to break into that sort of success, and often it’s a painful tease to watch someone flirt with the possibilities fame and wealth. The other Azealia (Banks that is) experienced some of her own drama, and in the process of releasing music for a few years has left a trail of unfinished records and searing social conflict. It’s hard to say if Banks’ misfortune is the result of an industry that churns and chops female rap artists until they throw them down the drain, or if it was related to Banks’ ass chapping rhetoric and reckless pointed commentary. Nonetheless it’s a moment in the industry that exemplifies the female rappers plight- fighting against an industry that opposes them and manipulates them, fighting against their own need to prove themselves, and the catty relationships shared between these ladies.

It’s like stumbling upon an artifact on a hike, or finding designer shoes at the Good Will- hearing a new female rapper hit the scene and slay is one of the greatest joys a music lover will ever know, and the rest of the community seems to enjoy it as well (kreayshawn’s viral success, and subsequent failure, is a great example). With this attitude, a celebratory presentation of an exciting new talent, I introduce to you Leikeli47- the Brooklyn rapper who is here to anonymously fuck your summer up.  And compared to the leading summer song, Fancy, I’d say LK47 is severely messing some shit up, in the best way possible.  What I mean is, please, please, please fuck my summer up.



This new video is not her first track. It is a continuation of an anonymous introduction to the game, and Leikeli47 is just the girl to win at this match. Slinging amazing lyrics, dropping hot beats, and maintaining an incredibly strong aesthetic without putting too much information forth are all the factors needed to create an explosive dialogue around this newcomer (remember when Minaj released Massive Attack?!). In the video for Summer Leikeli47’s friends lip-sync the song, as with some past videos, again creating a strong aesthetic and maybe a little bit of feminism. Check her video C&C below as well.


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