Posted on 09.05.14 at 12:13 am

Last month Oyinda debuted her first track, Rush of You, before taking the stage at Lollapalooza for her very first performance. Within a blink Rolling Stone was already calling her “R&B’s best kept secret”.

It’s with her second single, What Still Remains, that the young starlet slaps her listeners across the face with minimalist R&B. The opening of the track zooms in on restrained strings as a mellowed piano begins to pulsate, wavering after each touch and creating a romantic yet haunting effect that bursts with the introduction of a heavy grinding beat.

The lyrics and instrumentation inhabit similar spheres, meshing heartbreaking romance with the emptiness of an ending relationship. Searching through the remains of her tattered heart Oyinda crafts a sonic swirl that’s, confusingly, both vacuous and lush.

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