Posted on 04.08.13 at 9:44 pm

Loveskills, NYC based Richard Spitzer, has given us his debut, Multiplicity, a record to play the house dooooown.  While the lead single (and today’s song of the day), Cover Me, is a throwback to 80s synth laden pop, the record delves into hip-hop, trap, dance, and post-dub.  Spitzer has masterfully incorporated these edgier aspects into a dreamy, dance-able electro-pop record.
The second track, Flash in the Dark, is probably the most ambient-pop, while the other extreme is represented by Genorate, a track featuring a dub influenced beat and some pretty cheeky rap verses.  Both of these tracks are highlights on the EP.  Even while incorporating these attributes, Multiplicity is still at its core an electropop record, and one of the best I’ve heard of late.  I love this so much I’m already starting to wear it out, but I’d still love for someone to follow me playing the synth line from Cover Me while I walk around dancing like the leotard donning ladies in the video.







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