Posted on 05.12.13 at 6:39 pm

Here are some of my favorite tracks from what’s been floating around the internet this week.  Astr really grabbed my attention as a brand new pop duo from Brooklyn who are serving post-modern pop in a delicious and dirty fashion.

In that same vein, the following three tracks are avant-pop fronted by female vocalists (including an amazing new cut from Kate Boy).  As for the final track, featured on the soundtrack for The Great Gatsby:  I know there are some amysuperfans-thereforehaters, but give it a chance.  It’s an original take on the song, emphasizing the brooding nature of the lyrics with sexual instrumentation (also, Bey can do no wrong, at least that’s what her publicists would have us believe).  Thrown in the mix are some electro-R&B-Hip-Hop tracks with male vocalists; this playlist really represents my favorite trends right now, so dive in and enjoy.

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