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Glitchy and synthesized, grinding low zippers, unbelievably sexy bass drops, and distinct vocal harmonies all characterize the new album Glow from Jackson and his Computerband. The stylistic range on the album is astounding. Where fusing genres is the forefront of music, it’s often overdone and messy, yet Jackson has created a new sound out of many influences, establishing something groundbreaking and understandable – much like his Parisian forbearers.

The opener, Blow, is a contradiction. Heady and flighty, Jackson’s voice is blurry, the harmonies hidden, and the instruments gritty. Eventually a clear repetition of the chorus emerges. It captures much of the albums attitude; it’s electronic, it’s astute, it’s pop, and it’s emotive without being straightforward.

The second track, Seal, is a bit confusing. It finds the listener coming off the cusp of Jackson repeating, “let your head blow up” and throws us into a hyper electronic track with dub and a Purity Ring meets Kavinsky style.

The album beyond redeems itself with the next three tracks. Dead Living Things, G.I. Jane, and Orgysteria are when Glow begins to burn bright red. Jackson takes us from the dance floor to a rave, to a choir performance, to a full symphony – somehow making sonic sense all the way.

With standout pop tracks and heavy electronics Glow is successful at being the comeback we all deserve.


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