Posted on 09.18.13 at 9:55 am

Essential Tracks: Knifelife, Medora, Travel

Rating: 7/10

An art-prog project from a trio that captures Americana, classical and drone in a swirl of violin, acoustic percussion, and synth – Pillars & Tongues have given us a journey through varying poetic themes and torrential compositions.

Thematically End-dances breaches highly intellectualized topics: home, travel, self-actualization, violence, and desire. In the leading track, Knifelife, one of the most traditional on the album, the strings build over an amazing set of almost tribal percussion, while Mark Trecka’s ‘knuckles testify’ the violence of his own hands. When the background vocals enter, pulsing like the strings setting on a keyboard, the song becomes a full immersive experience, rich and lush with a stunning ending. This pattern can be seen throughout the record: tracks that begin slowly, building to an unmatched and extended climax, followed by an indulgent cadence on the way out; absolute finesse.

Medora and Travel, two tracks about self-actualization through globetrotting, seem almost like metaphors for love and women; Medora is in literature a romantic heroine, and in End-dances travel becomes her, opening up the possibilities of our own potential.

End-dances is intense, instinctual, ambient and poetic. It is in direct contrast with the world around us – fast, pleasure-oriented, and full of instant gratification. This deserves to be heard in full, with no rush, staring at the stars.


Originally published on Bowlegs Music Review.


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