Posted on 10.02.13 at 12:33 am

Until The Ribbon Breaks, Pete Lawrie Winfield of the UK, released Pressure back in April and it instantly caught my eye.  It was ahead of the curve with current RnB trends and the production is nearly perfect.  Intelligent and original, the lyrics are just poetic enough, but best of all the song is unexpected.  Every transition creates intrigue; the first time the chorus comes in and there’s the upwards scale billowing into the EXACT same beat, it manages to seem like the song has slowed down.
After the intense bridge, when the beat actually does slow down, it feels even more dramatic.  It was certainly one of the most promising debut singles of the Spring.

The next single, 2025, wasn’t as catchy, but still promised innovative production and songwriting. Finally, the EP A Taste of Silver was released two months ago and I’m still trying to process how it makes me feel.  The song Back to the Stars is the posterchild for the problems with this EP.  I love the production, the use of choir background effects, the lightness and simplicity of the melody, and the vocals.  But when you listen to the song…well, the lyrics are just completely flat and almost bafflingly idiotic.  When he literally names the seasons/months during the bridge it’s nearly unbearable.

With so many artists reaching public awareness this way and then actually delivering a solid debut album lately, it’s disappointing that one of the most promising would miss the mark so narrowly at times, and so carelessly at others.

Let’s hope he can turn this one around.  Anyway, check out Back to the Stars below and let me know if you agree or disagree with my read.

Not surprisingly this ‘re-imagining’ of Lorde‘s Royals (which by the way I heard a 13 year old girl singing on the street with her friends yesterday) is absolute gold.  I mean, production was never the problem.

P.S. He just opened for Lorde at Webster Hall in NYC tonight (if you missed it you have another chance Thursday at Warsaw in BK).   Is this criticism applicable to Lorde’s recent rise to fame as well (birds of a feather flock together)?  Review of Lorde’s Pure Heroine coming soon.


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