Posted on 10.29.13 at 4:37 pm

Digits has been one of my top played artists for the past year and a half.  There’s something about his ability to create minimalist electro-pop-r&b that could soundtrack ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ or a party on a subway track that is difficult to put aside (refer to my previous post on Digits back in March).

Digits is Canadian producer/singer/songwiter Alt Altman.  He’s been taking some time to focus on production in the past year and it’s wonderful to have a new track and video from him this week.  The song, Say Goodbye is probably the most ‘indie film soundtrack’ of his singles so far, in that it provides an oddly nostalgic and sad narrative framed over a seemingly positive sounding track (a signature of Altman’s).  Altman presents the changes that we see in ourselves after love as drastic and obvious.  Again, this is a signature of his; his uncanny ability to simply and accurately articulate (visually and lyrically) the complicated things we feel and experience.  That’s the true gift of songwriting, and Digits is wearing a giant ribbon.

The video, like many of its predecessors, is slightly fantastic and altogether captivating and effective. Check it out below.

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