Posted on 11.12.13 at 3:26 pm


Dreamy, sexy DC Duo GEMS releases their EP Medusa today.  While three of the four tracks had been previously released, the EP features the new song Ephemera, and over all the collection is fantastic- while each song could be a single, it also makes a cohesive and lush EP.  I’ve been watching these guys and they continue to satisfy- the songwriting is deeply dark at times, deeply romantic all the time.  The guitars, the vocals, the bass, the beats- it’s all incredibly enveloping and completely mood arresting.  It’s romance, vulnerability, love, and sensuality.  The blaring bass that fuzzes up the clarity of Pitts’ voice is the highlight of the contrast in their tracks, like a storm among the calm- much like the lyrical arc, quiet at times, yet sweepingly dramatic.  It’s cinematic, and will certainly be making your life feel like a movie.

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