Posted on 11.12.13 at 3:50 pm

Valerie, AKA Tei Shi, swept across the internet with her release M&Ms, a mysterious dark and minimal single just elusive enough to create the hype necessary to release a successful debut EP.  And whether it’s success is commercial or not is still unknown- but as far as meritorious and musical it’s  a soaring debut.  There are more tracks along the minimal side of things – Adder(F)All (hah! what a great song title), which demonstrates Tei Shi’s nuance, and tact, along with some more poppy tracks.  Nevermind The End is a standout single, and Nature vs Nurture an awesome melding of her two styles, while exhibiting her lyrical clout.

Her EP release show is December 4th at Mercury Lounge.  You should probably go.

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